06 June 2010

Better late than never

Gosh I'm so lousy at this! The media is perfect for me, and still I manage to leave this blog in limbo for almost a year! Well, it's summmertime again! Gorgeous right now, but rain is on its way. I just started working, did my first work in the cleaning business. Not too bad, I only work 15 hours a week so far! But the work is tough. One can tell I haven't had a physical job for....25 years or so! So in a way it's perfect to work so little. I'll keep job hunting though.
Made a rhubarb pie yesterday! Yes my dears, it's an event, I very rarely bake anything at all! It was completely delicious. Used my own rhubarbs too:-)
Tomorrow I really really should do some cleaning at home. The last thing a cleaner wanna do when they come home is clean. I wonder if we have the dirtiest homes....Or if we feel forced to have the cleanest homes since everyone knows our occupation.....

22 July 2009


It's in the middle of summer. It's been a good one! A nice mix of hot weather and thunderstorms and rain. I must admit I prefer cooler days the older I get, but I do love the feeling of walking barefoot outside and wearing very few clothes. I got no sun tan. Try to avoid tanning (although I enjoy it for a while), I just get a bad rash. But those days, when being tanned was important, are long gone. There are advantages to getting old (older)! Some things just don't matter anymore. I rather be white and without skin cancer.
The garden is as usual giving and giving and giving. So far I've gone through strawberries, cherries and wild strawberries. Now I'm doing raspberries and black currants. Still not ready are blackberries, plums, pears and two kinds of apples. I'm pretty lucky! My freezer is still pretty full from last year, so lots go to friends and neighbours. I just have to pick everything, can't see it go to waste. I never do anything, like jam or desserts, but I eat fresh berries in my yoghurt everyday. Still, I pick so much more than I eat!
The other day I bought a lawnmower. With a motor. Every time I've been mowing the lawn (manually) I've thought that I was on the verge to get a heart attack. It was just TOO TOUGH. Good exercise, yes, but not worth dying for! This mower is excellent and I wish I had bought it last year already!
Tomorrow I'm off on vacation for almost a week and hope to write a bit about that when I get home. I'm so bad at this blog, but I feel I want to try and get better, I haven't given up yet.

08 May 2009


Excuse me, but WHY would I want to wear something so insanely ugly? I've seen some ugly fashion through the years, but these are definitely in the top five. Thankfully I haven't seen any in our little town yet....

08 April 2009

Love no. 12

What better thing to write about these days than spring! Spring is so much more lovely than summer, at least here in Sweden! We live the endless dark, cold, wet, grey, long winter behind. Suddenly there is a warm breeze, the sun is actually warm, tiny flowers poke up in the flower beds. The left over leaves from fall are begging to be raked. Everyone takes out their garden furniture, start cleaning up the gardens and within a week or so we will smell the first barbeques. The streets are getting cleaned from all the gravel poured on icy roads. We take off the winter tires and put on the summer tires. We change into daylight saving time. We get spring tired and spring colds, but still it's a sweet, sweet time of year! Yes, I do love summer, but spring is the best. I start to live again. I come out of hibernation.

10 March 2009

24 January 2009

Love no. 10

Since I'm presently deep into re-reading The Dark Tower books, I must admit that Stephen King is one of my loves. As an author of course! I started reading him in 1982 when I was au pairing in San Francisco. My au pair-mom gave me "Carrie" and said she was positive I would like this author. I had never heard of him, but when I found out he was behind The Shining - a favourite movie of mine - I was quickly caught. I ended up buying everything I could find of Mr King, and has so ever since. For some reason I only read him in English. It just feels better....The Dark Tower is definitely a favourite, and it's so loooong and lasts for a while - seven books or bricks, only the first one is thin (and not so good IMHO, but necessary to read nevertheless). I'm also reading one of his latest right now, Duma Key, but the urge to read The Dark Tower was strong and I put it aside for later. This is ka.

23 January 2009

Love no. 9

I'm an addicted tea lover. Never drank coffee. Oh, I've tried, several times and in all shapes - with or without sugar, with or without milk, with alcohol, in chocolate, in cookies, in icecream. Can't stand it, it makes me physically ill! But I like the smell though! Tea, on the other hand, I can drink 24/7. I brew it, I use only Earl Grey and I drink in a tall glass. Teabags will do if there's nothing else, but it sure isn't the same! I use a little bit of honey or sugar, but am trying to quit this nasty habit!!!! After all, ten glasses of tea each day adds up to a lot of sugar.....

22 January 2009

Not my morning chores

One would think I got plenty of time in the day, being unemployed and all. It just dawned on me how occupied we can be if we really did everything we should. And that is taking the best care of our bodies! How about this:

Wash your face, but not in winter. Use a face wash for your skintype. Don't use soap. Put on a moisterizing face lotion. Put on skin toning cream, wrinkle cream, powder, make-up and don't forget sun block. And let the skin dry up between each layer.
Wash your hair, twice with shampoo, once with conditioner and don't forget extra treatment at least once a week. Towel dry, don't blow dry. Brush many strokes. Use styling products.
Shower, but preferably not every day, it dries up the skin. Use bath oil and peeling for body and peeling for face, and avoid the soap. Shave here and there if you wish. Scrub your feet. Once a week, do it spa style. Afterwards, put on body lotion, foot cream, hand cream, face cream.
Don't forget to take extra care of the feet at least once a week, with a foot bath with salt, scrubbing, toe nail clipping, massage, foot cream. At the same time, do your hands and nails as well.
If you're past your prime like me, take extra care to look for traces of a mustash or beard. Remove. Check the eyebrows as well.

You know what, by now I'm already late AND exhausted, so I think I'll just keep doing what I'm doing - not much of the above.

13 January 2009


I have been challenged by Spacegirl.

4 of my favourite TV shows:
  • CSI
  • Prison Break
  • Criminal Minds
  • True Blood
4 things I did yesterday:
  • Went to the gym
  • Went to a board meeting
  • Made decos
  • Wrote a letter
4 things I long for:
  • Spring
  • A job
  • Losing weight
  • Deco meeting in Kungsör
4 favourite restaurants:
Don't have one, but most Asian restaurants will do.

4 things on my wish list:
  • That my brother will get well
  • That I either get a job or get loads of money
  • A new car
  • A Wii with everything included
I challenge:

09 January 2009

Love no. 8

Been a while since I last visited this blog! Christmas is over and a new year is here. Feels good!

For my next love I've chosen vintage. Not anything and everything vintage, but in particular I love vintage photos and making crafts out of them. Decos mostly, but also cards and pictures. Yesterday I made the three displayed here. It's quick work but I still think they look lovely!

I save the vintage stuff I get and have a little display for them. There I also add the most beautiful decos I get back. I see this everyday - it's at my computer, and I'm there A LOT - and I love looking at them, touching them. Beautiful pictures, pretty embellishment and some great artists behind the work (that includes myself of course, ha ha!).